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                 Organisational structure

​ ​The GIS is organised in two divisions:
​​​Information Services

The Information Services, headed by the Director, comprise five main divisions, namely Press & Publication, Publicity, Documentation and Audio-Visual, each providing distinct services and involving specific stakeholders.


The Administrative Division, headed by the Permanent Secretary, facilitates the running of the Information Services by dealing with administrative, personnel and financial matters. 



Tel       : 201-4500 / 201-1277
Fax      : 210-6830 / 201-2244

​1) ​​​​Covering the activities of Ministries/ Departments and issuing press releases on these activities as well as on government projects.

2) Managing the government portal and updating the contents according to the requirements and requests of ministries and departments.

3) Updating the news column of the government web portal.

4) Processing cabinet decisions for publicity, including translation in French for immediate release to the media.

5) Producing and updating fact sheets on Mauritius as well as publicity material such as brochures and posters on issues of public interest.

6) Monitoring the local and international press and constituting dossiers on issues of national interest.

7) Advising and assisting Ministries/Departments on publicity and public relations matters.

8) Maintaining close contacts with ministerial information units.

9) Managing press centres and accrediting journalists during international conferences/seminars held in Mauritius and assisting the local and foreign press in obtaining relevant documents.

10) Assisting local and foreign media persons on the occasion of official visits of VVIPs to Mauritius.

11) Attending to requests for information from the local and international media and from the public and updating texts on Mauritius appearing in certain international publications.

12) Acting as facilitator for foreign journalists on assignment in Mauritius.

13) Ad hoc publications​

Audio-Visual Secti​on​

Head Audio-Visual Production Officer Cadre 

Tel       :         ​  201 1237       
Fax      :          208 8927
Mobile:          57640857
Email  :   ​

1)  Maintaining and managing audio visual services for the achievement of government activities;

2)  Keeping close contacts with Ministerial Communication Units;

3)  Providing visual publicity of the government to the Media;

4)  Producing black and white, colour, digital and slide photography and ensuring their distribution to local and international Press and Magazines through multi media;

5)  Providing public address – sound system for official functions, seminars and international conferences;

6)  Providing technical advice on audio visual services in respect of press conferences banquets, state visits and other official functions;

7)  organising and mounting photo exhibitions on request;

8)  Producing souvenir albums to be handed over to VIPs and VVIPs;

9)  Managing a digital laboratory to transfer, edit and record digital photographs, speeches, visuals on CDs and DVDs;

10)Managing an audio visual archive including a database for retrieval of audio visual materials;

11)Acting as official Photo Journalists during international conferences and during the visit of the Hon. Prime Minister abroad;

12)Providing digital photographs of Ambassadors, High Commissioners and other foreign dignitaries calling on H .E the President, the Hon. Prime Minister and the Hon. Minister of Foreign Affairs,  International Trade and Cooperation through e-mail or on CD’s.


​​Ag Head, Documentation Unit  Head, Documentation Unit 
Dharmanand Kannayya

Tel     : 201 1236          
Fax    :201 2724

1)Acts as a support service for reference and documentation as well as for press clippings.

2)Provides assistance in Press Centres during international conferences and visits of Heads of State/eminent foreign dignitaries.

3)The Documentation Centre is open to other Ministries/ Departments and to member​s of the Public. It has a wide range of reference materials, including:

Debates of National Assembly
Government Gazettes
Official Reports
Acts & Regulations
Books and Magazines
Other publications of social, economic, political and cultural interests
Biographies of Ministers and Eminent Personalities
 Clippings of Newspapers
Mauritiana Section
​Bound copies of main local newspapers​


Publicity / Documentation Officer 
Nushrat Gooljar

Tel    :         201 2560
Fax   :         212 8192

Information / Senior Information Support Officer 
Radhakrisnen Naidoo Uppiah

Tel    :         201 2560
Fax   :         212 8192

​1) Despatching of all communiqués, press releases, handouts, press notices, invitations to the Press and other publicity materials to MBC Radio and TV, private radio stations and the Press.

  • 2) Keeping, classifying and binding of local newspapers.

  • 3) Issuing/renewal and laminating of Press Reporters’ and Photographers’ passes for issue to members of the press.

  • 4) Working as and when required in Press Centres during important international conferences and visits of Head of States/eminent foreign dignitaries, essentially to despatch to the media communiqués, speeches and other documents relevant to the events.​​

​​Contact Us



Port Louis, Mauritius

Tel      : 201-3558 

Fax     : 208-8243