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Government Information Service (under the aegis of the Prime Minister's Office)

May 2013

Football: 63rd FIFA Congress elects a woman as member to its Executive Committee
31 May - The 63rd FIFA Congress convened in Mauritius formally elects a woman to its Executive Committee for the very first time.  Another major decision taken by the Congress is the approval of the FIFA resolution on the fight against racism and discrimination.
Football: 63rd FIFA Congress Opens
30 May - The 63rd FIFA Congress opens at the Swami Vivekananda International Convention Centre in Pailles with a gala performance of locally and globally-known artists depicting the rich ethnic and cultural diversity of Mauritius.  Several eminent personalities are present among whom the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister, and FIFA’s President.  A commemorative stamp the 'Blue Mauritius' printed especially for the FIFA Congress is presented to FIFA’s president.
National poster competition: Prize Presentation Ceremony
30 May - Prizes are presented at Rabindranath Tagore Institute, Ilot, to winners (aged 14-15 years) of a national poster competition organised by the Ministry of Youth and Sports on the theme The Ill Effects of Smoking: Why young people should not smoke.  An exhibition of best posters is also held.
Workshop on ‘African Union Frameworks’
30 May - A workshop on African Union Frameworks is held at Gold Crest Hotel in Quatre Bornes. It is intended for senior officers of line ministries and focuses on key African Union's documents pertaining to gender in the context of the senior officials empowerment programme regarding the dissemination of knowledge on international and regional human rights instruments.
Regional Embroidery Training Centre cum Boutique Inaugurated
29 May - A Regional Embroidery Training Centre cum Boutique, at Grand Bay Social Welfare Centre, is inaugurated by the Minister of Gender Equality, Child Development and Family Welfare.  A National Sales Exhibition is also held on that occasion.
Certification Ceremony at the Prison Training School
29 May – A certification ceremony at the Prison Training School, Beau Bassin, is organised by the Mauritius Prisons Service to mark the end of the eight-months on-the-job and off-the-job-training of 13 female trainee prison officers.  Certificates are also handed over to other prison officers who have undergone training in quality management, pastry, food production and recognition of prior learning.
FIFA President Calls on Prime Minister
29 May - The president of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) Mr Joseph S. Blatter, pays a courtesy call on the Prime Minister at the Treasury Building in Port Louis.
Customised Training Programme for VIPSU Drivers
29 May -Launching of a two-day customised training programme for some 20 drivers at the Very Important Persons Security Unit (VIPSU) Headquarters in Vacoas. The training programme focuses on safe and defensive driving.
Speed Cameras - Press Conference
28 May - A press conference aiming to enlighten the public on speed cameras and help dissipate any confusion is held by the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, National Development, Land Transport and Shipping, and representatives of the Traffic Branch of the police.
Science Adventure 2013 - Finals
28 May - The Finals of the Third Edition of the Science Adventure 2013 are held at the Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre in Bell Village.  Science Adventure, a project based competition organised by the Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre, has as objective to enable primary and secondary schools students to investigate issues related to science and technology using the scientific method.  It also provides a platform to students to display their science project.  Some 400 students have participated in this edition.
African Monitoring of the Environment for Sustainable Development
27-28 May – A closing workshop on the ‘Use of African Monitoring of the Environment for Sustainable Development (AMESD) Ocean Products in the Indian Ocean Region’ and also to present the achievements of the AMESD project is held at Cyber Tower 1 in Ebène.  It is organised by the Mauritius Oceanography Institute in collaboration with the Indian Ocean Commission and the European Union to mark the end of the AMESD project in the south-west Indian Ocean region.
HIV and Sexual and Reproductive Health Services for Young People - Consultative Meeting
27 May - A consultative meeting to validate the Country report on ‘HIV and Sexuality Education and Sexual and Reproductive Health Services for Young People in Mauritius’ is held at Xia Conference Room, Bagatelle Mall.
Mauritius celebrates jubilee of the formation of the Organisation of African Unity
25 May - The 50th anniversary of the formation of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU), anchored by the theme Pan-Africanism and the African Renaissance, is celebrated by Mauritius and the African continent.  Government has worked on a special programme to mark the 50th Anniversary of the OAU.
Implementation of the Mauritius eRegistry Project
24 May - A workshop on the Mauritius eRegistry Project is held at La Plantation Resorts & Spa. An initiative of the Registrar-General Department (RGD), the aim is to sensitise different stakeholders on the implementation of the project with a view to transform the RGD from a Service to an e-Service organisation.
Monitoring of Epidemics in the Indian Ocean
23 May - A financing convention for the Monitoring Network of Epidemics in the Indian Ocean is signed by the Agence Française de Développement (AFD) and the Indian Ocean Commission (IOC).
SADC Trade Protocol: National Stakeholders Workshop
23 May - A National Stakeholders Workshop on Trade Policy and Trade Negotiations in the context of the SADC Trade Protocol and other regional integration initiatives, aiming to apprise stakeholders of the opportunities under the said Protocol, opens in Port Louis.  It brings together around thirty participants from the public and private sectors.
Symposium on ‘Promoting Family Values and Parenting’
23 May – A Symposium on Promoting Family Values and Parenting in the context of the International Day of Families is launched at the National Women Development Centre.  It provides a platform for members of women associations and their spouses to reflect on family structures and dynamics in the Mauritian context.
MGI Launches Asian Language Textbooks with Multimedia CDs
23 May - Textbooks with Multimedia CDs in Asian languages for Form IV students is launched by the Mahatma Gandhi Institute (MGI) at the Subramania Bharati Lecture Theatre, MGI, Moka. Textbooks in Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi and modern Chinese have been produced by the Language Resource Centre of the MGI.
Science Week at Flacq
22 and 23 May – A Science Week to sensitise the public on the practical importance of Science and Technology in various sectors of the Mauritian economy is organised by the Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre in Flacq.
New Leasing Facilities in USD and Euro – Press Conference
22 May –During a press conference in Port Louis, the Vice-Prime Minister and Minister of Finance and Economic Development, announces the introduction of new leasing facilities in USD and Euro.
Workshop marks World Metrology Day
20 May – A workshop at the Mauritius Standards Bureau, Moka, is held on the occasion of the celebrations of the World Metrology Day.  The theme chosen for 2013 is Measurements in daily life.
Public Sector: Errors, Omissions and Anomalies Report
20 May - The Errors, Omissions and Anomalies Report 2013, to cost Government an additional Rs 1 billion for its implementation, goes public.  This Report follows the PRB report 2013, released in October 2012, by the Prime Minister.
Family Weekend to mark International Day of Families
18 and 19 May – A Family Weekend, with a range of recreational and fun activities at discounted price, is organised to mark International Day of Families 2013.
ICT - Workshop to elaborate on Government’s strategy on road safety
17 May - A workshop aiming at elaborating on Government’s strategy towards road safety from an ICT perspective opens in Ebène.  It is organised to mark World Telecommunication and Information Society Day (WTISD) 2013.
Induction Ceremony and Seminar
17 May – An Induction Ceremony of New Fellows/Members and a Seminar on ‘Sustainable Development in Mauritius: What Role For Science?’ are held at the initiative of the Mauritius Academy of Science and Technology at Bonâme hall, Mauritius Sugar Cane Industry Research Institute in Réduit.
Workshop on ‘Teaching Science creatively’
17 May - A workshop on ‘Teaching Science creatively’ for secondary school teachers is organised by the Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre in Bell Village.   The workshop is conducted by Dr Janchai Yingprayoon, Deputy Director of International College Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, Bangkok, Thailand.
Third Regional Training for TVET Teacher Skills Upgrade Programme
17 May - The closing ceremony of the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Teacher Skills Upgrade Programme, is held at Ebène.  It is organised by the Mauritius Institute of Training and Development in partnership with Chisholm Institute of Technical and Further Education of Australia.  The 14 beneficiaries of the Australian-funded scholarships attend.
Placement Programme for 22 Entrepreneurs from Rodrigues launched
16 May - A four-week placement programme, in small and medium enterprises in Mauritius for 22 entrepreneurs from Rodrigues, is launched by the Human Resources Development Council.  It aims at ensuring that the entrepreneurs receive practical training and the necessary skills to promote and sustain entrepreneurship in Rodrigues.
Fifth Rajiv Gandhi Memorial Lecture
16 May – Fifth Rajiv Gandhi Memorial Lecture entitled ‘Mathematics of Planet Earth’ is held at Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre in Bell Village.  The lecture is delivered by the well known-international speaker in science education, Dr Janchai Yingprayoon, Deputy Director of International College Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, Bangkok, Thailand.
National Report on Post 2015 UN Development Agenda Launched
16 May - The National Report on the ‘Post 2015 UN Development Agenda - The Future We Want’, in the context of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) is launched at Sir Harilal Vaghjee Hall, in Port Louis. 
New Customer Service Counter at the Mauritius Prison Services
16 May - Inauguration of a Prison Customer Service Counter at the Prisons Training School in Beau Bassin. The Customer Service Counter which has also as facility an Electronic Ticketing Machine for visitors, is in line with the Mauritius Prison Services’ vision to improve its services for external visitors.
PM inaugurates New Municipal Complex in Vacoas-Phoenix
15 May - The new Municipal Complex in Vacoas-Phoenix is inaugurated by the Prime Minister. The new building along Independence Avenue covers 5000 m2 and will house different government services under one roof for the benefit of the inhabitants of the locality.
Volleyball: Meeting between Sports Minister and AMVB’s President
15 May – The budget allocated to the Association Mauricienne de Volleyball (AMVB) and training are amongst issues discussed during a meeting in Port Louis between the Minister of Youth and Sports and the new President of that association.
Workshop on Draft Action Plan on Tobacco Control
15 May - A workshop on the Draft National Action Plan for Tobacco Control (2013-2016) opens at La Canelle, Domaine les Pailles. The new Action Plan aims at strengthening and consolidating tobacco control policies and strategies.
International Family Day Celebration
15 May - Launching of an Ecole de Musique et Danse (School of Music and Dance) at St Pierre Social Welfare Centre in the context of the International Day of Families.  The school provides a platform for intergenerational understanding and solidarity and sharing of values.
Campaign against substance abuse
15 May - A campaign against substance abuse, organised by the Ministry of Health and Quality of Life and the National Agency for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Substance Abusers (NATReSA) is launched at Pointe Canon, Mahebourg.
EPA: 2nd Meeting of the Joint EU-ESA Committee
14 May - The second meeting of the joint EU-ESA (Eastern Southern African states) Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) Committee, opens at Le Maritim Hotel Balaclava.  The EPA Committee is co-chaired by the EU and Mauritius. 
Anti-Influenza Vaccination Campaign 2013 Launched
13 May - The anti-influenza vaccination campaign 2013 for the elderly and the disabled is launched at the Municipal Town Council of Vacoas/Phoenix.  For this year, the Ministry of Social Security, National Solidarity and Reform Institutions has invested some Rs 7.9 million to buy the 75 000 doses of vaccine.
ICT: Signature of MOU
10 May – A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Cooperation in the field of ICT Education and Training is signed, in Port-Louis, between the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology and Microsoft Indian Ocean Islands.
Penalty Points System Becomes Operational
10 May - The Penalty Points System introduced with the adoption of the Road Traffic (Amendment) Bill last year, is proclaimed and becomes operational. The target is to reduce road fatality rates per 100,000 persons from 12.2 to 7.2 by year 2020.
New Speed Camera Enforcement System
10 May – A New Speed Camera Enforcement System is launched at the premises of the Traffic Management and Road Safety Unit. The System is under the responsibility of the Photographic Enforcement Unit of the Traffic Branch of the Mauritius Police Force.
MRA: Proclamation of the winners of the 2013 e-filing draw
10 May - Winners of the 2013 Mauritius Revenue Authority e-filing draw are proclaimed at Ehram Court in Port Louis.
Workshop on Health Literacy Programme
9 May - A workshop on Health Literacy Programme is organised at Clos St Louis, Domaine Les Pailles. The objective is to develop a National Health Literacy Framework for Mauritius aimed at promoting the flow of information on health issues to all sections of the population with a view to ensuring a healthier nation.
New Community Health Centre of Ste Croix inaugurated
9 May – The New Community Health Centre of Ste Croix is inaugurated by the Minister of Health and Quality of Life.
Penalty Points System - Press Conference
8 May – During a press conference, the Vice-Prime Minister, Minister of Public Infrastructure, National Development Unit, Land Transport and Shipping, announces the coming into operations of the Penalty Points System on 10th May 2013, and also of new speed cameras.
Launching of an Activity Book on Road Safety for Pupils of Standards III and IV
8 May - An activity book on road safety for pupils of Standards III and IV is launched at the Mahatma Gandhi Institute Auditorium, Moka. The Road Safety Activity Book aims to inculcate pupils of Standards III and IV about the intricacies of road safety and how to behave safely in an ever-changing road environment, especially along the school-home route.
EU Grants Rs 18 million to Three Mauritian Non State Actors
7 May - Three Non-State Actors receive, in Port Louis, their grant award certificates to the tune of Rs 18 million under the European Union (EU) thematic programme Non State Actors and Local Authorities in Development.  These Non State Actors’ projects provide concrete assistance in the modernisation and the realisation of the people’s (from mainland Mauritius, Rodrigues and Agalega) potential, especially the potential of women, children and the disabled.
SIDS: Lecture on Challenges in the context of 2014 International Conference
6 May - Measuring Progress beyond GDP in the context of national preparation for the third international conference on Small Island Developing States (SIDS) is the theme of a lecture delivered in Port Louis by Mr. Keneti Faulalo.  It is organised at the initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration and International Trade.
Mauritius hosts 10th annual meeting of AFROSAI-E
6 May - The 10th Annual Meeting of the Governing Board of the African Organisation of English speaking Supreme Institutions (AFROSAI-E) is hosted by the National Audit Office at Sugar Beach Hotel, Wolmar, Flic en Flac. 
Award of Certificate Ceremony
6 May Certificates are awarded to participants of a Training Course in Emergency Medicine during a ceremony at the Mauritius Institute of Health, Pamplemousses.
Sensitisation programme for secondary school students
6 May – Launching, at Bel Air State Secondary School, of a series of sensitisation programmes for secondary school students.  The aim is to create awareness on the significant contribution of cooperatives to the socio-economic progress of the country as well as on their development potentials.  This sensitisation is organised, by the National Institute for Co-operative Entrepreneurship, in the context of the celebrations of the Centenary of the local Cooperative movement.
Circular Migration Project with Italy
6 May - Launching of a circular migration project with Italy initiated by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies - Directorate General of Immigration, Italy, in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment in Mauritius and the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), mission to Mauritius.
Indian Ocean Tuna Commission Meeting
6 May - Opening of the 17th Session of the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission (IOTC) Meeting at the Grand Baie International Conference Centre.  The objective is to promote cooperation among its Members with a view to ensuring, through appropriate management, the conservation and optimum utilisation of stocks and encouraging sustainable development of fisheries.
François Sockalingum Award 2013 presented to 11 Disabled Students
4 May – The François Sockalingum Award 2013 is presented, by the National Council for the Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons, to 11 students with disabilities who have successfully completed their secondary and tertiary studies.  The event is held at Gold Crest Hotel in Quatre Bornes.
Third edition of Inventors Open Day
3 May – Third Inventors’ Open Day, aiming to promote the awareness and use of Intellectual Property (IP) in Mauritius, is organised by the Mauritius Research Council. The theme is Intellectual Property Rights: Competition and Enforcement Aspects.  The focus is on the various issues that can arise at the interface of IP and Competition laws as well as on the approach and process of dealing with protection of IP through the IP Tribunal.
HRDC holds the 2nd Edition of Let’s Talk HR
3 May - The second edition of Let’s Talk HR, an initiative of the Human Resource Development Council (HRDC), which aims at bringing HR professionals together on the same platform to share their expertise, is held at NG Tower, Ebène.
Commemorative Magazine Marks 75th Anniversary of Labour Administration
3 May - Launching of commemorative magazine and a special commemorative cover by the Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment to mark the 75th anniversary of Labour Administration in Mauritius.
MOU for the Provision of Assistance to Needy Children
2 May - Signing of a Memorandum of Understanding on the Pre-Primary Schools and Primary Schools (PPS&PS) Programme between the National Empowerment Foundation and twelve Non-Governmental Organisations. The objective of the PPS& PS programme is to provide a balanced and healthy diet lunch to school children residing in pockets of poverty throughout the island.