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Government Information Service (under the aegis of the Prime Minister's Office)

June 2013

Youth - Music Day celebration
29 JuneMusic Day is celebrated by young people during an activity organised by the Ministry of Youth and Sports at the Triolet Youth Centre.  The objective is to provide a platform to young people to express their artistic talent and develop their potential.
HRDC: Training Programme to Ensure Public Sector Governance
27 June - A three half-day training programme at Ebène focuses on Work Ethics for human resource managers and senior officials from the public sector.  The programme, organised at the initiative of the Human Resource Development Council (HRDC), aims to inculcate good practices in the public sector based on a synergy of theory and practical sessions, case studies and talks.
Activities at the Women Centre of Rivière du Rempart
27 June - A One-Stop Shop Project for women entrepreneurs is launched at Rivière du Rempart Women Centre.  A project on Effective Communication Strategy with Women’s Associations is also launched and certificates are presented to participants who have benefited from training in Agro-Processing and Dehydration of Agro Products.
Calf Productivity Incentive Scheme
27 June - The Calf Productivity Incentive Scheme, aiming to stimulate breeders to keep their calves healthy and prevent mortality, is launched at the Rabrindranath Tagore Institute, in Ilot.
Findings of Study on Curbing the Invasion of Millipedes
26 June - Half-day seminar in Ebène to present the findings of a study aimed at finding solutions to millipedes’ invasion in Chebel.  The MIPACHE project focuses on seeking an environmentally friendly way to reduce the numbers of millipedes and assess the potential economic importance of millipedes.
Education Outreach Programme to Broaden School Curriculum
26 June - The Education Outreach Programme is launched at MITD House, Phoenix.  The Programme operates under the Integrated Global Observation Initiative through which 80 secondary schools participate in the deployment of Argo floats or drifters bearing their names.
Port: Free Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Test
25 June – Free breast and cervical cancer screening test for all female employees of the port area at the Capitainerie Building, Quay D, Port Louis.  This activity is held in the context of the Day of the Seafarer proclaimed by the International Maritime Organisation and also forms part of the Sensitisation Programme on women health care issues by the WOMESA (Association of Women Managers in the Maritime Sector in Eastern and Southern Africa).
New Speed Cameras Operational
24 June - Four out of the 20 new speed cameras become operational, namely at Roche-Bois on the M2, near the Royal College of Port Louis, near Ebène and at Pellegrin on the M1.  Six new mobile radars also become operational. 
International ICT-BPO Investment Forum 2013 – Press Conference
24 June - The International ICT-BPO Investment Forum 2013 under the theme Leveraging Mauritius as a Hub for Business Growth & New Markets opens at the Intercontinental Resort, Balaclava.  The objectives are to attract potential investors in Mauritius and showcase the country as one of Africa’s leading business and investment destinations.
Mauritius-Turkey - Workshop on Trade Potentials
24 June - A Workshop on Trade Potentials on the Turkish market, aiming at sensitising Mauritian stakeholders on trade opportunities in that country, is held at Le Labourdonnais Waterfront Hotel, Port Louis.
63rd Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting
24 June - Air tickets are presented to the two young Mauritian researchers selected to participate in the 63rd Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting, held from 30 June to 5 July in Germany.
Strategic framework (2013-2015) on Young women advocating for gender equality
24 June - One-day workshop on the implementation of the Strategic framework (2013-2015) on Young women advocating for gender equality is organised by the National Women Council in collaboration with the Ministry of Gender Equality, Child Development and Family Welfare.  It targets young girls from secondary school institutions across Mauritius.
VPM Duval Investment Mission in China
24 June - The Vice-Prime Minister and Minister of Finance and Economic Development, conducts an investment mission from 24 to 30 June in China with a view to promote Mauritius as an investment hub and a gateway to Africa.
Africa Public Service Day
23 June - Celebration of United Nations Public Service Day and Africa Public Service Day. The events mark and recognise the efforts and determination of the public service to unflinchingly support and implement government policies towards the modernisation of the country.
Prevention of substance abuse – Presentation of Certificates
23 June - Certificates are presented, at Trèfles Youth Centre, to participants of a training programme on the prevention of substance abuse, organised by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.  Topics covered include: types of drugs, substance abuse, prevention and rehabilitation process.
National Youth Residential Workshop
22 June - Some 80 young girls participate in a National Residential Workshop at Pointe Jérôme Youth Training Centre, Mahébourg, organised by the Ministry of Youth and Sports on the theme Empowering Young Female Leaders.
Night Sky Observation Programme in Baie du Cap
21 June - A night sky observation programme, organised by the Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre (RGSC) in collaboration with the Sugar Industry Labour Welfare Fund, is held at Baie du Cap to initiate the inhabitants to astronomy through presentation on the universe and observation of sky objects such as the moon, some common stars and the planet Jupiter through the RGSC telescopes.
NYAA - Award of Certificates and Badges
20 June - Certificates and badges are presented to 24 students aged 14-15 years from Port Louis North State Secondary School who have completed the Bronze level of the National Youth Achievement Award (NYAA) programme.
ICT: Workshop focuses on Targeted Attacks and Mitigation
20 June - A workshop on Targeted Attacks and Mitigation aiming to discuss counter-measures and review configuration and development procedures for secure systems, is held at Ebène.  Participants are IT Professionals, System, Network and Database Administrators, IT Security Professionals, IT Managers and IT Executives.
MID Policy, and Strategy Action Plan Propels Sustainable Growth
20 June - The Maurice Ile Durable (MID) Policy, and Strategy Action Plan, which focuses on four MID priority programmes, namely energy conservation and renewables; cleaner, greener and pollution free Mauritius; green economy; and ocean economy, is made public.
Business Angel Forum
20 June - A Business Angel Forum is organised by the Fashion and Design Institute in collaboration with the Mauritius Research Council for its final year students at the J & J Auditorium, Phoenix. The event provides a platform for the students to present their innovative ventures, discuss the commercial viability of their ideas/concepts/products and network with potential investors. It also enables them to bridge the gap between their knowledge and industry demands.
Exhibition by students of the Fashion and Design Institute
18 June - A three-day exhibition organised by the Fashion and Design Institute (FDI) opens at the J& J Auditorium. The aim is to enable FDI students from the fields of arts and design, fashion and textiles as well as graphic design showcase their creativity by presenting their projects.
10th Commonwealth Women’s Affairs Ministers Meeting in Bangladesh
17-19 June - The Minister of Gender Equality, Child Development and Family Welfare participates in the 10th Commonwealth Women’s Affairs Ministers Meeting in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The theme of the meeting is Women’s Leadership for Enterprise, highlighting the importance and significance of women's representation in the economy and in decision-making processes, global financial markets, leading banks and national policymaking bodies.
ICT: Workshop focuses on Smart Government
17 June - A workshop on Smart Government aiming to impart information on available e-government services and the draft e-government strategy opens in Ebène.  Organised by the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology in collaboration with Samsung Southern Africa, the event brings together more than 100 participants from different ministries, departments and the private sector. 
Annual Fashion Show of the Fashion and Design Institute
17 June - The Fashion and Design Institute organises its annual fashion show at the J&J Auditorium to showcase the collections of its final year students.  The event provides to students an ideal opportunity to show their creative potential and serves as a starter for their professional career.
Tamarin Fire Station
17 June - Site visit by the Minister of Local Government and Outer Islands at Tamarin to assess works in progress for the construction of a new fire station.  The project amounts to the tune of Rs 44m.  The station will have an area of 1,100 square metres and will have four openings. Construction is expected be completed in two months’ time and the new station is expected to be operational by the end of 2013.
Key Repo Rate brought down to 4.65 per cent
17 June - The Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of Mauritius brings down the Key Repo Rate from 4.9 per cent per annum to 4.65 per cent, that is, a cut of 25 basis points.
Day of the African Child 2013
16 June - A series of activities marks the Day of the African Child at the Jumbo Commercial Centre, Phoenix.  The Day of the African Child is commemorated every year on June 16 by Member States of the African Union, and its Partners.
NPF and NSF Funds Report Positive Returns of Rs 100 billion
14 June - The National Pensions Fund (NPF) and the National Savings Fund (NSF) Investment Committee reveals the portfolio of investment as regards both Funds amounting to over Rs 84 billion and Rs 16 billion respectively at end 2012. Both Funds have registered combined assets of an equivalent of Rs 100 billion.
Harvest of fish reared in cages in Grand Gaube
13 June - Harvest of fishes reared in cages in the context of the Pilot Cage Culture Project at sea in Grand Gaube. The first phase of the project consists of the provision of free floating cages including nets, the fingerlings and feed, to the St Pierre Fishermen Multipurpose Cooperative Society.
UOM Confers Honorary Degree of Civil Law to President of Republic
13 June - The University of Mauritius (UoM) confers the Honorary Degree of Civil Law honoris causa, to the President of the Republic, Mr. Rajkeswur Purryag, at the Octave Wiéhé Auditorium, Réduit.
Inauguration of Open Air Theatre
13 June - An Open Air Theatre in Petite Rivière is inaugurated by the Minister of Gender Equality, Child Development and Family Welfare.  The event is organised in collaboration with the Lions Club of Rivière Noire and the Petite Rivière Social Welfare Committee.  
Conference of AU Minister of Industry in Nairobi
13-14 June - The 20th Ordinary Session of the Conference of African Union (AU) Ministers of Industry (CAMI-20), held from 13 to 14 June 2013 in Nairobi, Kenya, is attended by the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Consumer Protection attends t.  The objective of the meeting is to reflect on some of the key issues for African industrial development within the post-2015 Development Agenda and contribute to the post-2015 Development Framework.
Panel Discussion on ‘Ocean State - Ocean Economy’
13 June – A Panel Discussion on the theme Ocean State - Ocean Economy is organised in the Lunch Room of the National Assembly Port Louis at the initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration and International Trade.
National inter-college literary competition 2013
13 June – Forty students of Form V participate in the finals of a national inter-college literary competition 2013 organised by the Ministry of Youth and Sports Town Hall of the Municipal Council of Vacoas/Phoenix.  The aim is to promote literary activities among young people and ensure healthy social interactions among students coming from different secondary institutions of the country.
Science Activity Week in Rodrigues
12-16 June - A Science Activity Week to promote Science and Technology among the population is organised in Rodrigues by the Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre in collaboration with the Commission for Education of the Rodrigues Regional Assembly. The aim is to encourage the population to take an interest in Science and Technology and to inculcate creativity and innovation among young people.
Women Empowerment cum Regional Embroidery Training Centre
12 June - A Women Empowerment cum Regional Embroidery Training Centre is inaugurated in Surinam Social Welfare Centre. The project is funded under the Special Collaborative Program for support to Women and Children in Distress.
National Archives: Website and Electronic Archives System Launched
12 June - To mark International Archives Day 2013, the National Archives Department launches its electronic archives system and its website. The National Archives has its origin from the early settlement of the island, dating as far back as 1721. Its official operation as an institution was proclaimed in 1815 during the British rule. 
Mauritius Fire and Rescue Service Bill Voted
11 June - A new legislation regulating the fire services, the Mauritius Fire and Rescue Service Bill, is voted at the National Assembly, repealing the Fire Services Act of 1954.  The main object is to provide for the setting up of the Mauritius Fire and Rescue Service and make better provision for the prevention of and response to fires and other incidents likely to endanger persons, animals, property or the environment.
Ethical Journalism and Gender-Sensitive Reporting and a Gender Code of Ethics
10 June - A book on Ethical Journalism and Gender-Sensitive Reporting, and a Gender Code of Ethics for the Media are launched at the University of Mauritius (UoM).  The joint initiative of the UoM and the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) is intended to be a reference for journalists in Mauritius and Seychelles.
Meteorological Services to Get Doppler Weather Radar by 2015
10 June – A grant agreement in relation to the donation of the weather radar system is signed by Mauritius and Japan.  This will enable the Mauritius Meteorological Station to be equipped with a Doppler Weather radar by March 2015.
Strengthening values for family life programme in Rose Belle
08 June - Launching of the Strengthening Values for Family Life programme in Résidence Bethléem, Rose Belle. The programme is implemented by the Ministry of Gender Equality, Child Development and Family Welfare in collaboration with the Indian Ocean Centre for Education in Human Values.
Handing over of cheque to NGO
06 June – A cheque is presented, under the Special Collaborative Programme for Women and Children in Distress, to APERDI, a non governmental organisation (NGO).  The Programme aims at providing financial support to NGOs, Community Based Organisations and Non-State Actors to implement projects focused on enhancing the livelihoods of women and children in distress and creating opportunities for their integration in the mainstream of development.
Bilateral Cooperation: 3rd EU-Mauritius Political Dialogue
06 June - Several important bilateral and cooperation issues are discussed in Port Louis during the third EU-Mauritius Political Dialogue under the chairmanship of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration and International Trade.  Key issues comprise: bilateral development cooperation; universal periodic review for Mauritius; post 2015 UN Development Agenda; promotion of maritime security and fight against piracy; regional integration; WTO Ministerial Meeting Bali (December 2013); and third International Conference on Small Island Developing States, in Apia, Samoa (2014).
Press Conference on SMEs
06 June – During a Press conference, the Vice-Prime Minister and Minister of Finance and Economic Development, encourages Small and Medium Enterprises as well as micro enterprises to make optimum use of the funds of two particular schemes namely, the NRF Equity Fund and the SME Partnership Fund.
World No-Tobacco Day 2013
05 June - Launching of activities at the Rivière des Anguilles State College in the context of the World No-Tobacco Day 2013 on the theme chosen by the World Health Organisation Ban advertising, promotion and sponsorship.
3rd International Forum on Sport for Peace and Development
5 June - The Minister of Youth and Sports participates in the third edition of the International Forum on Sport for Peace and Development at the United Nations (UN) headquarters in New York, USA.  The biennial event, under the theme Creating a Common Vision, aims at assessing the successes and challenges of using sport as a tool for human development and peace promotion.  The objective is also to identify how to pave the way for future concerted action in these fields. 
Workshop on Outline Planning Schemes for the Urban areas
5 June - A one-day workshop on Outline Planning Schemes for the Urban areas is organised by the Ministry of Housing and Lands to enable stakeholders from the central and local governments as well as experts from land use and land planning sectors to familiarise themselves with the rationale, approach, content and objectives of the interim draft of the revised Outline Planning Schemes in order to obtain their feedback on the vision, proposals, policies and guidelines in the local plan.
Women Entrepreneur Leadership Programme
3 June - The Women Entrepreneur Leadership Programme is launched at the National Women Entrepreneur Council, Phoenix. The 8-day intensive Women entrepreneurship leadership programme is organised by the National Women Entrepreneur Council, Women in Networking, Soroptimist Ipsae, a global leading women’s service organisation, and Lafarge Mauritius.
Screening and Counselling
2 June - The “Screening and Counselling at your Doorstep” programme is launched by the Minister of Health and Quality of Life in Roche Terre.  This initiative introduces a new concept of health services that come to the citizen’s doorstep.
16 Days 16 Rights Campaign
1 June - Launching of the 16 days 16 Rights Campaign 2013 and an open air exhibition of artwork paintings inspired from Malcom de Chazal at Le Caudan Waterfront, Port-Louis. The event is organised in the context of the International Day of the Child, commemorated on 1st June and the International Day of the African Child celebrated on 16 June.
PM in Japan for TICAD V
1 June – The Prime Minister addresses an audience of leaders from the African continent and from Japan at the 5th Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD V) in Yokohama.  His intervention focuses on developmental challenges facing Africa and on the strategy adopted by Mauritius to fight off vulnerabilities it faces as a small island developing State.
Strengthening values for family life programme in Goodlands
1 June - The Strengthening Values for Family Life programme is launched in Cité Sainte Claire, Goodlands. The programme is implemented by the Ministry of Gender Equality, Child Development and Family Welfare in collaboration with the Indian Ocean Centre for Education in Human Values.
FIFA President honoured
1 June - FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter is conferred Honorary Freedom of Port Louis, at the Municipal Hall.  Mr Blatter is in Mauritius in the context of the 63rd FIFA Congress held at the Swami Vivekananda International Convention Centre in Pailles.
Mauritius-Turkey FTA comes into force
1 June - The Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Mauritius and Turkey, aiming at consolidating bilateral ties and spurring Mauritian stakeholders to export to Turkey, comes into force.  Under the FTA, provision is made by Turkey for duty free access to Mauritian exporters on all industrial products, with the exception of 70 textiles products where tariff will be phased over four years.  Mauritian operators will also enjoy from more flexible rules of origin including the single transformation rule for garments and tuna.