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Government Information Service (under the aegis of the Prime Minister's Office)

Mission and Vision

   Our Mission & Vision

Our Vision
To be the leading Communication Hub of Government
Our Mission
  • To disseminate accurate information on government policies, programmes, services and activities in a timely manner, with a view to generating public support for these government policies, programmes, services and activities, thereby creating the environment for them to succeed.
  • To provide information to Government to facilitate decision making.
  • To keep government abreast of latest development on the economic, social and political front on the international arena.
  1. Collecting, processing and disseminating accurate and timely information of government policies, programmes and activities.
  2. Archiving information to facilitate access and retrieval.
  3. Acting as the interface between government and the local/international media.
  4. Providing facilities to Ministries/Departments in respect of public address system, photographic services, recording, sound system, video and LCD projection.
  5. Extending facilities for the coverage of State visits, regional/international conferences, workshops, seminars and working sessions.
  6. Valuing new paradigms of information service delivery and the opportunities they provide for our continued role to inform, communicate and create awareness.